Chainphoria Game Rules



  • Select the column where you want the drop piece to land.
  • When the drop piece lands, it "activates" pieces below and sideways (see 1st and 2nd images below).
  • An activated piece will try to match other pieces of the same color resulting in an activated path of that color (see 1st and 2nd images below).
  • In an activated path, all of the path pieces will shrink (see 2nd and 3rd images below).
  • Game ends when piece(s) go beyond the top.

Matches, Gaps, and Piece Creation

  • A piece may match an adjacent piece or one across a  gap.
  • Activating a path that skips over a gap will create large piece(s) of the match color.

Chain Reactions

    • There are six piece sizes.
    • When the smallest piece shrinks, it is destroyed and the "piece stack" above it (if present) will fall.
    • When a piece stack lands, the bottom piece in the stack will activate pieces below and sideways (just like the drop piece).

    Flyers 1


    • Additionally to what is described in "Fallers" mode
      • there are also flyers
      • each flyer wants to move to the column of its color and then downwards.

    Movement Priority

      • If more than one piece want to move to the same location, priority is given as follows:
        1. down (moving down has highest priority)
        2. right
        3. left (moving left has lowest priority)

        Followers 1


        • Additionally to what is described in "Flyers 1" mode, a flyer may at times follow an adjacent flyer provided that they are of the same color.

        Following Priority

        • When there are two to eight pieces that could be followed, following priority is as follows (table entries with arrow(s) in them represent candidate followees for the follower in the center):
           target column left of follower  follower in target column  target column right of follower
           2. ↖︎  1. ↑ 1. ↑   2. ↗︎
           3. ←  *** follower here ***  3. →
           4. ↙︎ 1. ↓  4. ↘︎
        • Example showing following priority with flyers wanting to go to the middle column:

          Movement Priority

            • If more than one piece want to move to the same location, movement priority is given as follows:
              2. ↘︎ 1. ↓ 3. ↙︎
              4. →   5. ←
              6. ↗︎ 8. ↑ 7. ↖︎

            Flyers 2


            • Differs from "Flyers 1" mode as follows:
              • each flyer that is part of an activated path will want to move to the column containing the landed piece that activated piece(s) that activated the path and then downwards.

            Followers 2

            • See "Flyers 2" and "Followers 1".

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